There are at least 6 ways to buy gold in India.

You can buy physical gold in the form of
Risk of theft
cost of storage, and
making charges make it an unattractive option for investment
Bars and
Coins that reduce making charges as no craftsmanship is involved
Buying physical gold has a relatively high entry barrier
Buying physical gold has always had an emotional factor associated with it. It has traditionally been a matter of pride. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost.
If you want to purchase gold for consumption, you should always go for whatever you will enjoy most.
If you are looking at it from the point of view of an investment, you must consider all factors related to it.
Buying jewellery as an investment can prove to be very costly if you ever go sell it.

Advantages of investing in gold 

No extra charges for storing in a bank locker
No worries about security
No anxiety about purity
No minimum amount
Highly liquid
Ways to invest in gold online:

Digital gold
The issuing company issues physical gold in your name, but you don’t get physical possession
You can exchange it for physical gold anytime
No minimum investment
One of the most trusted names is MMTC
Gold ETF
Traded like a stock on the stock exchange
You need a Demat account to invest in an ETF
You pay small brokerage charges, depending on your broker
Very small minimum investment amount
Gold mutual funds
One of the biggest advantages is that you get the option to create an automated SIP
The minimum amount is very low
The AMC charges a fee to manage funds

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